Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation

Friends of Office of State Archaeology

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East Hartford, Connecticut 06108-0845
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Contact: Cynthia Redman

FOSA is a volunteer, not-for-profit organization formed in 1997. The organization was formed by people concerned about support for the Connecticut Office of State Archaeology (OSA). The FOSA website includes information about events of interest to the archaeological community in Connecticut, FAQs about archaeological excavations and a wealth of content from our recent newsletters.  

FOSA’s mission is to enhance OSA efforts and help meet the numerous state-mandated responsibilities of the OSA. FOSA meets its goals by:

  1. Developing and facilitating educational activities that enhance public awareness of the OSA and of archaeological issues in general;
  2. Encouraging participation by communities, institutions, corporations and individuals in supporting the efforts of the OSA;
  3. Encouraging partnerships between OSA scientific research initiatives and local communities; and,
  4. Developing permanent sources of financial and other public support for OSA efforts.

We will continue to keep the new FOSA website as informative, timely and useful as possible.

FOSA’s website was developed by James (Jim) Hall, a FOSA member who is our webmaster.  If you have any questions on the website itself, please contact Jim at