Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation


81 Bungay Road
Seymour, Connecticut 06483
Phone: 203-305-5188
Contact: Eric Iott

Brief Description of Services: I am a restoration/home improvement contractor for over 20 years. I like to label what I do as "responsible remodeling." Any work I do I keep in mind of what's best for the house long term. 80% of my work and a large part of my expertise is preserving, maintaining, duplicating antique & period structures.

Briefly describe any work done on historic buildings or homes:  Over 20 Years it's been hundreds of houses if not nearly a thousand. I've dismantled and relocated a carriage house for the Stratford Historical Society. I've assisted in moving and restoring the Oxford Historical Societies house. I've done extensive other work for those two societies as well as the Monroe & Derby Historical Societies as well. On numerous occasions I've been called to a job when other contractors say it's hopeless, and I've succeeded every time.

Briefly describe why preservation matters to your business: Because whenever you have any object that uses the best known material, using the best methods by the best trained devoted craftsman you will have the best product. Antique houses are just that. Nothing made in the last hundred years comes close to the quality that 17th & 18th century houses have. And THAT is why it matters to me.