Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation

Computer Imagination LLC

90 Cornwall Rd
Warren, Connecticut 06754
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Contact: Josh Reynolds

Computer Imagination LLC does 3D Laser Scanning, 3D design and drafting services. Including existing conditions, and development of proposed work.

A recent project involved an 1840s barn that needed to be moved to a new foundation. This was something that had to be disassembled and then rebuilt so scanning was of great help and importance. All the structural members could be identified and the warps and twists in them noted for reassembly. The old large cupola was something that couldn't be measured by hand due to the old crumbling roof. Exact plans and measurements could be made from the scan, however. Just measuring the post locations on the floor would not be enough for reassembly details of the post tops and rafters. With the 3D Laser Scan, the building could be measured in every dimension: the loft floors could be put back exactly and the rafters could be redone, the rotted floor could be rebuilt. This documented the whole building, even the old style windows that would be reinserted after the siding was replaced.

Historic buildings are fascinating and embody old times for us. They are something that when you walk in to them, they take you back in time. 3D Laser Scanning can help preserve that mystique by giving us exact existing conditions that plans alone can't provide. This is an exact 3D model of the structure, inside and out, with high megapixel images that help document any historic place. Documentation is the important thing. Old buildings often don't have much at all in documentation, much less architects plans. That's why 3D Documentation is of interest.