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Bring Back Barns Timberframers

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Phone: 860-309-7966
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Contact: Renard Thompson and Amalae McCloud

About Us

Renard Thompson and Amalae McCloud

In MA or CT: 860-309-7966

Casson Kennedy and Dylan Weidman

In NY: 518-567-5391

Bring Back Barns is a small group of licensed and insured timberframing professionals working primarily in Connecticut, Western Massachusetts, and Eastern New York.  We are passionate about salvaging and restoring this region’s heritage of Post and Beam buildings of many styles, as well as knowledgeable and experienced builders of new timberframe building construction: barns, houses, studios, commercial buildings, and so on.

* Barn Restoration
We understand the value of preservation and history and restoring buildings to usefulness whenever possible.  Because of this we have exceptional expertise in finding solutions for salvaging even the most troubled and dilapidated or rotting barns and buildings.

We can work with you to decide on the level of restoration you desire and can afford. From basic structural reinforcement to intricate detail and finishing, we can save your barn from falling apart and bring it back to life with traditional craft at whatever scale you need.

* New Barns and Other Buildings


Our rates are extremely reasonable for this kind of highly skilled work. We build barns because we enjoy it, and we because we believe in preserving historic buildings and preserving the superior craft and techniques of timberframed architecture. This is coupled with our ability to beat the price of most other professional timberframing outfits in the field.

We are also proud to offer substantial discounts for barns and other construction for farms that are currently operating or starting up.We are happy to give a free assessment for your barn restoration including condition, dating, joinery methods, description and a rough estimate of restoration costs. We also do more detailed consulting at affordable rates for other contractors or homeowners.  Our years of experience in this work save many of the costs of hiring architects, engineers, and especially those less experienced in the exacting craft of timberframing. We build new barns in the traditional manner, with beautiful mortise and tenon joinery. We also build studios, garages, additions, outbuildings, and homes.  We have very competitive rates compared with other methods of building or other contractors. Whether looking at a pre-fab metal garage or shopping for affordable post-and-beam contractors, we are often the most accessible and experienced for any job.

Our tools range from those of the modern carpenter to many traditional tools, some over 100 years old, made specifically for timberframing. We prefer to acquire our lumber as locally as possible, often buying locally grown timbers from a small multi-generational sawmill here in smalltown Northwestern Connecticut.