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Atlas Preservation Inc.

122 Spring Street B1
Southington, Connecticut 06489
Phone: 860-558-2785
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Contact: Jonathan Appell

Atlas Preservation, Inc. was initially conceived, based on the need for a one stop source for all monument restoration & conservation supplies. Our mission quickly expanded to include many other fields relating to historic preservation, such as products for metal conservation, historic window repair, modern stone working, and more. An entire product line recently arrived from Europe including 3 Natural Hydraulic Limes, mortars & infill materials, grouts and plasters.

Jonathan Appell who is the founder of Atlas Preservation Inc., with over 30 years of experience has personally conserved some of the oldest dated stones in America. He also performs the majority of historic gravestone preservation workshops throughout America. Additionally, he conducts historic mortar formulation and application training.

Atlas Preservation, Inc. inventories numerous materials, tools and supplies for the restoration & conservation of stone, masonry, metals, windows and historic structures. The company has stone cleaners including D/2, for removal of biological activity, Akemi for stubborn staining from rust and pollution and a full line of Graffiti removal and prevention products from Graffiti Solutions. We also now stock the entire line of Ballinzoni epoxy and stone treatments. Just imported directly from Germany, Otterbein Natural Hydroulic Limes (NHL), restoration mortars and plasters. Numerous adhesives options are in stock from Pratley & Akemi. Monument repair and installation supplies, including monument setting compound in 4 colors, lead & plastic spacers. Bon Tool pinch bars and setting bars. We also have lifting slings, hoists, hardware & lifting tripods all in stock.

Atlas Preservation are the importers of Pratley high performance adhesives and minerals from South Africa. These products can also be found on

We also import Otterbein limes, mortars, plasters, grouts, and Portland cement from Germany.  These products can also be found on

Atlas Preservation is also a regional distributor of the following: D/2 Biological Solution, Akemi, Bellinzoni, Graffiti-Solutions, Picreator Enterprises, Sarco Putty, Marshalltown Tools, Betonamit, Wallace Cranes, DD slings, Badger Hoists.