Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation

Vibrant Communities Initiative: Urban/Town/Village Center Visioning and Revitalization

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation (CTHP) has Grant Funding available to support approximately five municipalities in their efforts to produce action plans for underutilized cultural and historic assets (i.e., buildings, historic districts, town greens and parks, etc) in their communities.  Grants will fund a team of professionals who will assist the municipalities in producing a focused strategy on the use of cultural, economic and historic assets in a given area.  The CTHP will work closely with municipalities in the assembly of the needed team members as well as to help organize a general approach to meeting the goals of the Grant Funding. 

Applicants are invited to submit an “Application” by Tuesday July 15, by 4 pm at the CT Trust offices at 940 Whitney Avenue, Hamden.  Applicants should provide answers to as many questions listed in the Application as relevant, but submissions should not exceed three pages in length.  Up to $50,000 will be made available from the CTHP to each of the municipalities based on the review of the Application and needs of the project.  Municipalities are not required to own the historic assets identified and funding can be used for planning only.  Municipalities will have up to 9 months to complete their Vibrant Communities Work Plan.

The CTHP will sponsor an information meeting Friday, June 27 at 10:00 am at 940 Whitney Avenue, Hamden to address questions pertaining to the overall concept and specifically to the Application process.  This is not a required meeting to submit an application.  The meeting will serve to assist potential applicants in focusing Applications around historic/cultural assets.

The CTHP believes that Vibrant Communities are those that mix historic buildings with a variety of cultural, commercial/retail and natural resources, and that the preservation of these assets can lead to the revitalization of downtowns. 

The CTHP, a 501c3 non-profit organization, was chartered by the Connecticut General Assembly (PA 75-93) to stimulate the preservation of historically and architecturally significant sites and districts, as well as to assist state and local governments and private agencies in fostering such preservation.

Criteria for selection:

Important historic and/or cultural assets are included in the proposed project area for study.
Proposed timeline for the study and the impact of CTHP funding will have on completing the plan.
Evidence that municipalities will work with non-profit and other stakeholders who reflect community interests (list of stakeholders must be included in application) and plan will specifically schedule meetings to report findings to the general public.
The project plan will produce regional cooperation with adjacent towns.
The project will discourage sprawl.

Application forms can be obtained from the CTHP via email to  Selection of approximately five municipalities will occur within three weeks of Application submission date. Contact Brad Schide Circuit Rider for the CTHP @ 860-463-0193.



Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation

Vibrant Communities Initiative: Urban/Town/Village Center Visioning and Revitalization

Please return one original Application (and send one PDF version of the total application) to the CTHP at 940 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, CT by Tuesday, July 15, 4 pm  IMPORTANT: Photos used in the application should be placed on a CD and sent to the CTHP with the original application on the due date.

Municipality Applying:______________________________________

Principal Contact:____________________________________

Phone number: ____________________ Email:________________



Municipalities are not required to own the historic assets identified in the Application.  More information may be sought by the CTHP from applicants about their proposal after the submission date.

Questions pertaining to the process should be directed to Brad Schide at 860-463-0193, or email at

1.  Please provide a specific description of the proposed action/revitalization plan that you are contemplating.  What are the goals and objectives of the project? What is the historic character of the chosen area?  Do the area’s resources have an historic designation? Why was the particular area and historic assets chosen?

2.  Briefly outline how the proposed planning will be accomplished and which professional disciplines you intend to use, and bid process you need to go through to select them.  

3.   Provide photographs of proposed area or structure showing at a minimum, streetscape, historic context, elevations, façades, (from public way), distinctive historic features, interior shots, if appropriate. 

4.   Discuss timelines for completion, proposed deliverables and action steps you hope to facilitate as a result of the CTHP project funding.

5.  Who are the stakeholders for the project?  Please be specific and list names of organizations and roles they will play in the project.  Public meetings or workshops with the broader community is required be incorporated into the work plan.

6.  Amount of funding you are requesting?  Will there be other funding sources in the project? Will CTHP funding leverage other funds?  Please identify.

7.  How does the project proposed meet your community/economic development goals for downtown?  Are you a Certified Local Government?  Do you have Local Historic Districts in your Town and are they involved in the project?  Are there examples of other community/public initiatives the municipality has undertaken where community involvement was a central theme?