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Toll House, Franklin

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Known locally as the 1801 Toll House, this interesting building originally sat very close to the road linking Norwich and Willimantic, now Route 32.  It operated as a toll house in the nineteenth century.  The road bed was later moved about twenty-five feet away.The exterior is covered in clapboard, and the building retains early interior doors and some wide-board floors.  It is constructed of hand-hewn timbers, some of which display Roman numerals cut into the wood near the mortise and tenon joints.  These marks are characteristic of timber frame construction and showed which timbers were to be joined together.  This assembly method used Roman numerals so that the marks could be made with a straight tool.The current owner acquired the property in 1980.  He has not be able to maintain it for financial reasons and is looking for someone to move the building off his property, who would restore it on another site.  All costs would be the responsibility of the mover. Contact: Gary Young, 860-642-7559.