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Mason Hamilton Post House, Essex

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This vernacular farmhouse, built around 1830, will face demolition unless it is moved to another location.  The original portion of the two-story house is a twenty by twenty-five foot block with the gable end facing the street.  A one-story lean-to stands at the rear.  Two later additions were built sometime before 1929.  A front porch adds neighborhood quality.The house is associated with families of local prominence.  When Mason Hamilton Post, the first owner, wed Rebecca Hayden in 1829, he married into a family with extensive land holdings.  This allowed him to become the prime developer of Maple Avenue.  Three generations of the Doane family occupied the house for most of the twentieth century.  Charles Doane, Jr., was the Essex Postmaster and a selectman.The building is reported to have dry rot and termite damage.  These conditions can often be remedied.  The house needs to be moved on a tight deadline.  Contact: Charles Doane III, 860-767-1562.