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Lockwood Outbuilding, Norwalk

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This nineteenth-century outbuilding was part of the Deacon Charles Lockwood homestead in the old Borough of Norwalk.  It needs to be moved to another site due to a development plan that will save and rehabilitate a row of three historic houses located at the front of the property.  Two of the houses are associated with the Lockwood family, one of Norwalk’s founding families.At present, the outbuilding contains two apartments.  Its former use is not known with certainty.  Built into the side of a bank, the one-and-a-half story structure may have served as a stable or as servants’ quarters or a combination of both.  The basement level has a small fireplace with iron fittings for cooking, which indicates that at least part of the building has a residential use historically.The building is approximately 40 feet long and was probably constructed in two stages, with the section to the right being earlier.  It is sheathed in clapboard and is of post and beam construction with house, an in-law apartment, a barn or a garage.  While the owner would like to see the building saved, due to practical considerations, quick responses would be greatly appreciated.  Price: $1, Contact: Bill Kraus, 203-899-0480.