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Hubbard Farm, Middletown

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This evocative farm, which was established by one of Middletown’s founding families, is threatened by a subdivision proposal. An eighteenth-century house rests on a small hill surrounded by lilacs and mature maple trees. An eighteenth-century barn, other outbuildings, and a fenced-in paddock create a traditional barnyard. The Hubbards called the farm “Green Hill.” Due to the historical importance of Hubbard Farm and its high degree of authenticity, the Middletown Planning and Zoning Commission imposed a one-year moratorium on developing the one-acre parcel that contains the principal buildings and the paddock. The commission wanted to allow time for a buyer to emerge who would retain the buildings, paddock, and farm-like character of the property. The existing eighteenth-century house incorporates parts of an earlier watch house, built in 1675, when Middletown colonists needed protection. In a most unusual combination, much of the first floor retains the seventeenth-century brownstone exterior of the watch house, while the rest of the house is sheathed in clapboard. The house was built with a center chimney and a second-story overhang on the front and side. The east side retains a gable overhang as well. A double-attic roof-framing system, which is an unusual structural feature, remains above the second story. Although the actual floorboards to the second attic have been removed, all the early structural members remain. A two-story bay window was added around 1868. The interior retains many historic features including wide-board floors, paneled fireplace walls, and wainscoting.For further information on purchasing the property contact Dennis Amato at 203-671-9234. For further information on the history of Hubbard Farm go to or call Carolyn Laban at 860-344-8926. Price: $440,000.