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House and Country Store, Seymour

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This one-and-a-half-story house was probably built around 1800. At present, it is engulfed in over-grown vegetation and in serious need of stabilization. An addition that is approximately 45 years old has collapsed and exposed the building to the weather at the rear.  Fortunately, the earlier core building still remains dry, with no evidence of leaks. The roof on the front entry porch has also given way, but this is not an original feature. Local lore says that the house was built in the seventeenth century, but the construction techniques do not support such an early date. The remains of another building foundation are said to exist on the property, which may mark the spot of an earlier house that became confused with this one over time.The owners, who live on a separate parcel directly behind this house, want to see it restored, but cannot afford to do the work themselves due to their limited income from Social Security. They are considering selling the house along with a country store that stands adjacent to it on the same lot.  They would also consider a partnership or any other proposal. The store was built about 50 years ago and has a spacious six room apartment on the second floor, which is in much better condition, but lacks heat. The store is now operated on a very limited basis, but has the potential to bring in substantial income as the only store on Route 334, a well-traveled state road. The existence of the apartment would allow someone to live there while restoring the house. For further information please call Mrs. Nightingale, 203-735-4902.