Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation

House, 115 Sperry Road, Woodbridge

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This small one-and-a-half story house was probably built about 1810 and under­went extensive renovations during the nineteenth century or the beginning of the twentieth century. The main block has a simple four bay facade. A small porch with oversized Greek Revival columns at the front door and a large rear sunroom with a fieldstone fireplace are additions to the original structure. The interior is simple, with two rooms flanking the chimney on each floor, and some Craftsman style woodwork. Little maintenance has been done on the house in the past few years, and the sills may need repair. But it seems on the whole to be in good struc­tural condition. This house is offered for $1 for relocation to a new property. Contact: Dawn O’Connell, H. Pearce Real Estate. (203) 281-3400, ext. 333.