Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation

Historic House, Enfield

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This single-family, wood frame dwelling built in 1905, is available for sale for $1.00, if removed from the property. The house contains a living room, kitchen, parlor, and dining room on the first floor. The second floor has three bedrooms and one bathroom. There is storage space over the kitchen plus a full attic and basement. Its total area is 1,588 square feet.

The front porch wraps around the side of the house to form an embedded octagon, which projects from the corner and gives the facade an asymmetrical emphasis. Turned porch supports and decorative brackets are topped by a spindlework band. Patterned shingles appear in the front gable.

Potential buyers must demonstrate the ability to remove the structure from the site, reconstruct it on their own lot and leave the former site cleared and clean. For an application, please contact Wanda Torres, State Parks Division, at 860-418-5963 or The deadline is June 30, 2006.