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Hamlin House, Plainville

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The Town of Plainville is looking for someone to save this eighteenth-century house from demolition by moving it to another location.  Its present site is slated for commercial development.  The two-story house has a gambrel roof, which creates a spacious attic.  The building is of post and bean construction and much of the framing is oak.  The dimensions are approximately 25 by 40 feet.  The photo was taken around 1918.Phineas and Rhoda Hamlin moved into the house in 1785.  Chauncey Porter, a community leader, occupied it in 1816.  It was the scene of a murder in 1943, giving an unfortunate aspect to the history of this interesting building.  Most recently, it served in a much happier role- as a bookstore.Several additions have been built over the lifetime of the house, which may not lend themselves to being moved with the original structure.  The site must be completely cleared and the basement filled in by June 1 of this year.The Town of Plainville does not own nor does it have any financial interest in this property.  It is the intention of the town to assist the private owner in finding a qualified party to move the building off site.  Price: $1.  Deadline: June 1, 2006.  Contact: Plainville Town Manager, Robert Lee, 860-793-0221.