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Deming House, Litchfield

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This house, built in 1884, stands in a land-locked position behind a nursing home in the Litchfield Historic District. The district is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The house originally fronted North Street, but was moved back in the 1960s, when the bank next door acquired the site for parking. Apple Health Care now owns both the Deming House and the skilled nursing facility, Rose Haven. The company plans to build an addition to the nursing home and would like to find someone to remove the Deming House from the property and restore it at another location. Although aluminum siding hides the window surrounds and other architectural details, the Deming House retains its graceful form and asymmetrical massing. The aluminum siding covers the first and second stories, but dormers at the attic level are still sheathed in board and batten siding. Originally, the dormers were also accented with Stick-style decorative trusses. At present, the interior contains three rental units. Apple Health Care will allow approximately six months for removal of the Deming House from the Rose Haven property.Price: $1. Contact: Jamick Szefer, 860-678-9755.