Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation

Angelo Forte House, 714 Foxon Road, North Branford

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Beginning in 1914, a number of Italian immigrants moved from New Haven to live in Branford and work for the New Haven Trap Rock Company. One of them was Angelo Forte, who built this one-and-a-half story bungalow around 1925. It has brown-stained wooden shingles with white trim and has an asphalt shingle roof. The house has a central doorway to an enclosed porch, which is the full width of the house. There are four main rooms on the first floor, with a small laundry room and bathroom. The second floor consists of several small bedrooms and a bathroom, arranged around a central, open area. One bedroom opens onto a sec-ond-story porch. This house is offered for $1 for relocation to a new property. Contact: Dawn O’ Connell, H. Pearce Real Estate. 203-281-3400, ext. 333.