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HPX Alert: Baker-Sabo House, Ashford

The Town of Ashford is accepting bids to remove the 18th century, two story colonial farmhouse known as the Baker-Sabo House, or Baker House on 25 Pompey Hollow Road, Ashford. The Building Committee is hoping that someone will come forward to move or carefully disassemble and then reassemble the structure. The State Register house is located adjacent to the Knowlton Town Hall, a National Register building, in the downtown historic area. The c. 1814 colonial has an attic and is of post and bean construction. Notable features of the building include original curled leaf door latches and mantle chimney cupboards above and flanking a fireplace mantle. The house's most ornate mantelpiece shows simple molded architrave trim around the fireplace opening, with a plain paneled frieze above, surmounted by a few plain moldings and a shelf. Bids must be received on or before 3:00 PM August 12, 2003. Please contact the Town Clerk's office at Knowlton Hall, 860-429-7044.