Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation

Vibrant Communities Initiative (VCI)

Vibrant Communities Initiative (VCI)

A Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation Municipal Initiative

Funded by the State Historic Preservation Office, Department of Economic and Community Development with funds from the Community Investment Act of the State of Connecticut

Purpose: The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation has grant funds for municipalities to produce Action Plans for underutilized historic places/structures, or for town/city wide preservation plans.  Up to $50,000 in planning funds is available in 2013 for five towns/cities to assist in strategies to revive cultural and/or historic assets in their communities.  2013 grants have already been awarded; a second round will occur in 2014.  A special emphasis will be placed on the reuse of historic assets (buildings, greens, parks) that are a significant component of a city/town's revitalization efforts.  Projects that leverage other municipal, federal or state resources will be given priority in selection.

A Request for Proposal (RFP) is issued by the Connecticut Trust to all interested municipalities.  Prior to the issuance of this RFP, Brad Schide of the Connecticut  Trust is interested in meeting/talking to municipalities which believe they might qualify for the funding.

Selection Criteria for RFP
Municipalities have to demonstrate the need for the funding, define a specific area or historic asset, and, more importantly, show how the proposal, when complete, will complement town/city community development/revitalization objectives.   

Proposals must:

• have historic and/or cultural assets included in the proposed project area,
• have a specific plan to include stakeholders from the community in the proposed plan and a description of how the community will be involved in the proposal,
• show regional cooperation with adjacent towns,
• discourage sprawl and focus on revitalizing historic core

Contact: Brad Schide 860-463-0193 or for more information.


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