Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation

Maintenance & Repair Grants (M&R)

Maintenance & Repair Grants (M&R)

Purpose: The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation's 1:1 matching grant program for critical maintenance and repair of historic religious buildings, sites, and structures

Eligible Applicants:

• Non-profit Religious Organizations (for houses of worship, sacred places, and cemeteries)

Eligible properties must be listed on the State Register of Historic Places

Applicants must demonstrate that the organization provides critical social services to the greater community.

Maximum Grant Award: $15,000 and projects must be completed within one year.

The Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation is launching a pilot program in the form of 1:1 matching grants of up to $15,000 for historic religious properties that are listed on the State Register of Historic Places.  The State Register includes properties that are located in National Register Historic Districts or individually listed on the National Register, as well as properties in Local Historic Districts and those designated as Local Historic Properties.

Grants of up to $15,000 per project are available for critical historic preservation needs:

• Exterior restoration and painting
• Roof repair or replacement
• Window repair or restoration
• Structural sill repair or replacement
• Masonry foundation, wall or chimney re-pointing

Grants must be matched by an equal amount in cash from non-state sources.  All work must comply with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties (36 CFR Part 68).

To demonstrate the sustainability of historic properties, applicants will be required to submit a cyclical maintenance plan, condition assessment, restoration plan or stewardship plan that has been prepared or updated within the last five years.

Eligible and religious organizations who wish to be considered should contact: Jane Montanaro, Preservation Services Officer at 

How to Apply:

Please contact Jane Montanaro, Preservation Services Director for a Pre-Application at or call 203-562-6312.