Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation Technical Assistance Grants (HPTAG)

Historic Preservation Technical Assistance Grants (HPTAG)

What is HPTAG: A collaborative historic preservation technical assistance program of the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, with funding from the Connecticut General Assembly and the State Historic Preservation Office, Department of Economic and Community Development, through the Community Investment Act.

The purpose of HPTAG: to support efforts that help communities throughout the state plan for the preservation, restoration and rehabilitation of historic places.

Historic Preservation Technical Assistance Grants (HPTAGs) serve as catalysts to enable communities to move forward with preservation projects.  Grants will be given for direct preservation planning assistance.

Maximum Grant Awarded: All grants are preservation planning grants.  All grants require a one-to-one cash match.  Matching funds can not come from the State of Connecticut.  Grant awards are between $2,500 and $20,000 with funds reimbursed at the end of the grant, upon approval of the Final Report.

 Direct Preservation Planning Assistance includes:

Feasibility studies for re-use of a historic resource,  condition assessments; plans and specifications for the restoration/rehabilitation of a building,  structural and engineering analyses,  and Historic Structure Reports

HPTAG grant products are to make recommendations that follow Secretary of the Interior Standards.

Eligibility requirements:

Incorporated 501(c)3 non-profit organizations or municipalities in the state of Connecticut.
Partnerships between public and private non-profits are encouraged.  Organizations must have the ability to administer the grant, both fiscal and project management.  Preservation/restoration/engineering/other consulting professionals must be part of any grant request.  The cash match must be in place when the grant application is submitted.
Historic resource must be listed, or eligible for listing, on the State Register of Historic Places.

Not Eligible:

Projects from for-profit organizations or institutions, from the State of Connecticut or from individuals without an organizational or institutional base.
Projects for general operating expenses or for purchase of office equipment for the purpose of general operations.
Acquisition money.
Costs, such as refreshments, associated with social events or fundraising events.
Construction related costs.
Projects already underway.

How to Apply:

Please Contact Jane Montanaro, Preservation Services Director at or 203-562-6312.

Final Report: All grant recipients are required to file a Final Report at the completion of the project.  The final report form and instructions can be found here>>