Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation

CT Trust License Plates

Connecticut Trust License Plates

Here is an exciting new way to tell the world about your commitment to historic preservation.

The new Connecticut Trust license plate will increase awareness of historic preservation as well as raise funds for the trust to support our many innovative programs, including our Circuit Rider program.

 A donation of $50 to the Connecticut Trust will reserve your Preserving the Past license plate.

When we receive your reservation we will send you a DMV SPECIAL INTEREST PLATE APPLICATION.  When you receive the DMV application - complete it, sign it, and send it back to us along with a check in the amount of the registration fee made out to Department of Motor Vehicle.  We will then sign the form and forward it to the DMV. You will receive you new plates approximately 1 month later.

NOTE The DMV registration fees for this plate are as follows:

  • $65 for a simple renewal of your existing marker number
  • $65 for a new off the shelf plate
  • $130 for new vanity plates

Reserve your Preserving the Past license plate online:

Please Note:The registration fee of $50.00 is per license plate. If you wish to reserve more than one, please increase the quantity appropriately. You may also provide us with any additional additional instructions if required.

You may also download the Preserving the Past license plate reservation form below and return via mail or fax. If you have any additional questions, please contact us.