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Connecticut has a rich built heritage extending back to, and even before, the first European settlement in the 1630s. This heritage consists of works of architecture, landscape architecture, engineering, and town and city planning that embody the story of the state and its people.

Understanding and appreciating Connecticut’s built environment is at the center of the Connecticut Trust’s mission of preservation. Surprisingly, no general history of the state’s architecture has ever been written. To begin filling that gap, the Trust is preparing a new book, Connecticut Architecture: Stories of 100 Places, currently being written by Deputy Director Christopher Wigren. Publication, by Wesleyan University Press, is expected in 2018.

The book will provide an introduction to Connecticut’s built environment through a selected group of entries—including buildings, structures, landscapes, neighborhoods, and townscapes. Each entry will focus on a single place, recounting its history, discussing its design, and setting it within a broader context, whether that be building type, architect’s work, or relation to the state’s economic, social, or historical development.

The Trust envisions this book as the first component of a two-part project. Eventually it will be joined by a digital/online component containing briefer entries for more sites—something like a traditional guidebook.

We hope that readers will take from the book an appreciation of the diversity of Connecticut architecture, an idea of some of the ways in which architecture expresses the lives and ideals of those who create it, and a greater interest in preserving Connecticut’s built heritage.

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