Connecticut Trust For Historic Preservation



The Connecticut Trust’s Connecticut Preservation Awards recognize outstanding achievements in protecting and nourishing Connecticut’s significant buildings, landscapes and communities.

Awards will be presented in early April.


Connecticut Preservation Awards honor outstanding efforts in the preservation and enhancement of historic places throughout Connecticut, with the goal of inspiring others to take similar action.

Connecticut Preservation Awards recognize

  • outstanding efforts in the restoration, maintenance, preservation or adaptive use of historic buildings, structures, complexes, neighborhoods, cultural landscapes or landscape features
  • outstanding studies, documentation or plans for preservation, enhancement, or revitalization of historic places
  • individuals or organizations that have demonstrated effective leadership in community, regional, or statewide preservation efforts

Connecticut Preservation Awards are presented to

  • individuals
  • nonprofit organizations
  • private property owners
  • municipalities or other governmental bodies

The Mimi Findlay Award for Young Preservationists recognizes

  • individuals age 35 or younger, or groups whose members are 35 or younger;
  • who have demonstrated interest, involvement, and achievement or potential achievement in the restoration, maintenance, preservation or adaptive use of historic buildings, structures, complexes, neighborhoods, cultural landscapes or landscape features in Connecticut


Any individual, organization or project involved in historic preservation is eligible to receive a Connecticut Preservation Award.  Nominated projects must have been completed since January 1, 2014.

Nominations may be made without the knowledge of the nominee. Nominations must be made by members of the Connecticut Trust; for membership information, visit

Trustees and staff of the Connecticut Trust are not eligible for Connecticut Preservation Awards during their terms of service or employment or for activities carried out during those times.


All materials must be submitted in printed form in a binder or report folder; and in electronic form on a CD or thumb drive with copies of all documents in .pdf format and photographs in .jpg or .tiff format (more information below). Each nomination must include the following:

1. A completed nomination form and release authorization.

2. A $50.00 processing fee. Make checks payable to the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation.

3. A concise description, in 750 words or less, of the project, organization, or individual that is being nominated. The description should include the following information:

Describe the scope of the project, including challenges overcome, unique strategies and activities carried out, and the impact of these activities on the community. Digital copies of final reports or studies may be attached.
Almost every preservation project is a team effort. Identify the people involved and their roles. All who made significant contributions to the success of the project should be listed as co-nominees.
For preservation and planning projects involving historic buildings, cultural landscapes, or communities, explain the historic significance of the site and indicate if it is designated as a National Historic Landmark, in the National Register of Historic Places, the State Register of Historic Places, or a Local Historic District.
For preservation leadership nominations, describe the nominee's accomplishments and contributions in the field of historic preservation.
Most important, describe what makes the nominated project, person, or organization exceptional, as an achievement in itself and as a model for others.
For Young Preservationist nominations, describe the nominee’s interest, involvement, achievements or potential achievements in preservation.

4. At least five and not more than fifteen photographs illustrating the project or program.

Submit prints measuring at least 5 x 7 inches, labeled and with a credit line for publication. Prints may be printed on ordinary office paper and submitted two to a page.
Submit digital files in .jpg or .tiff format, on a CD or thumb drive.

Photographs should be high or medium quality, with a resolution of at least 200 dpi.
Each photograph should be a separate file, with no superimposed text.

Photographs should show:

before and after images
details or interiors from a variety of angles (if appropriate)
project site in the context of its surroundings
for nominations of individuals or groups, include at least two different head shots, plus photos to illustrate adequately the work being recognized

Include a written list of photographs with captions or descriptive material and credits for publication.
Be sure to sign the Release Authorization on the nomination form.

5. Scanned copies of no more than three supporting brochures or news clippings (optional) and no more than three letters of recommendation (optional).

6. Mail or deliver nominations to Connecticut Preservation Awards, Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation, 940 Whitney Avenue, Hamden, Connecticut 06517.

Nominations must be received by 4:00 p.m. on Friday, February 17, 2017.

Download: nomination form and release authorization 

For information or assistance, call Christopher Wigren at (203) 562-6312 or email